Is it time to take a Swiss German course?

Is it time to take a Swiss German course?

Communication is key when it comes to fitting in and feeling at home in your adopted country, and being able to understand and speak to people does make your daily life much easier. But that's easier said than done in the German-speaking part of Switzerland where Swiss German is the spoken language. It's a dialect that most Germans struggle to understand and it sounds different in every village you go to.

Learning Swiss German is tricky, but not impossible. After passing my German C1 exam, I decided to give it a go and to help me off to a good start, I signed up for a Swiss German course at the Migros Klubschule.

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Notes on this episode of Swiss and Chips: Is it time to take a Swiss German course?

After the first few hours in the classroom on my course in Bern, we talk about some important points you'll need to know before you decide to start learning Swiss German and I'll give you some insight into my experience so far.

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