How to make friends in Switzerland

How to make friends in Switzerland

Making the move to Switzerland is the first big step for expats: starting a social life is one of the next, and it can be just as difficult. The Swiss are not known to be very open at first - luckily there are some simple steps you can take that will make your life in Switzerland easier, and hopefully better.

In this episode we talk about my first steps trying to make friends and get to know people in Switzerland as an expat, and I'll give you some tips and ideas from my own experience. We also talk about some prejudices expats have about Switzerland and give you the Swiss perspective: What do the Swiss think about expats, what do the Swiss think if you don't speak their language and how can you respond if the Swiss are rude?

We really hope this episode will make your life in Switzerland as an English speaker a bit easier and give you the courage to get out there and start making this country your home!

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  • How I made friends in Switzerland, and what it was like when I first moved here.
  • Make friends with a Swiss: some tips from a Swiss perspective, courtesy of Simon.

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