What to do on a Sunday in Switzerland

What to do on a Sunday in Switzerland

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"All" shops are closed on a Sunday in Switzerland! Well, maybe not all, but many at least. Luckily Switzerland offers many other exciting things for expats and tourists to do on a Sunday. We recorded this episode on the top of the Gurten, a 'must see' in Bern - on a Sunday. Tune in and get some inspiration and ideas about what you can do, and what the Swiss do, on a Sunday.

Show notes: a classic Sunday in Switzerland

  • We discuss your suggestions from our Facebook group
  • What is closed and what stays open? Some ideas for what you can do on a Sunday in Switzerland
  • The Swiss perspective: What do the Swiss do on a Sunday?
  • The Gurten in Bern (German website)
  • What is frisbee/disc golf?

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