What do the Swiss think about British people

What do the Swiss think about British people

Most Swiss have an opinion about everything and everyone. And that includes the English. Although the first image that springs to mind when thinking of the English might be one of Brits abroad: the red faced, football shirt-wearing, beer can-waving lad that's a familiar sight in warmer countries during the summer months; on second thought, the English also have a reputation for being polite, respectful or even admirable.

In this episode we talk about some of the most commonly-held prejudices some Swiss have about the Brits and Jo has the chance to defend British culture.

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Notes on this episode

Let's do this the Swiss way, by starting a critical conversation with some compliments and positive points:

  • Gentlemen and traditionalists
  • The Queen and James Bond
  • the British accent

Although the Swiss are generally respectful about the Brits, not all thoughts are positive:

  • British food
  • British weather
  • Red skin
  • The Brits and alcohol

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