Swiss German sayings: what they mean (and how to say them!)

Swiss German sayings: what they mean (and how to say them!)

"There's enough hay down there now" to "even his chopping block will calve": these are just a few everyday sayings that make perfect sense in Swiss German, but don't exactly translate into English. Whether you've heard some of them already, or just want to impress with a sentence or two at the right moment, this is our pick of some useful sayings in Swiss German.

In this episode we try to explain their meaning and talk about when you can use them. And as always, we have some suggestions and questions from our Facebook group Switzerland for English Speakers - feel free to join the group, get involved in the discussions and maybe even meet some new friends.

Notes on this episode of Swiss and Chips: Your British Guide to Switzerland

  • Göschenä - Airolo
  • Chasch nät z Füfi uz Weggli ha
  • Das macht der Braatä onät fiis.
  • Däm Chalberet no dr Schittschtock
  • Winä kertä Hentschä
  • Äs het solangs het.
  • Äs git nüt wos nät git.
  • Uf altä Pfanä leertmä chochä.
  • Dr schnäller isch dr Gschwinder.
  • Äs isch gnueg Heu nitna
  • Dr gschider git naa u der Esel blibt schtaa

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