Hit the road: driving in Switzerland

Hit the road: driving in Switzerland

Do you need a car in Switzerland? And what other options are there apart from buying one? We asked what you wanted to hear about in our podcast, and driving in Switzerland was one topic you suggested. In this episode we talk about why you might decide to get a car, and how leasing, hiring and car-sharing works.

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Notes on this episode of Your British Guide to Switzerland

Owning a car

  • Great public transport, do you really need a car?
  • Regular trips to the countryside, lots to take with you, or a particular commute might be some reasons why you decide you need a car
  • Leasing a vehicle: very common in Switzerland: we explain how it works

    Four wheels for when you need them
  • Renting: all the big name companies are in here in Switzerland too: Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, Avis. They’re in towns and at airports, it’s just like a renting a car in any other country
  • Car-sharing schemes: the biggest is Mobility. There are different types of memberships, it doesn’t cost too much and is very easy to use. There are different payment options including membership, annual fees and pay as you go. The cars belong to the company.
  • Sharoo: you can borrow cars that other people own. They set out their prices: how much you pay depends on time and distance travelled.

    Driving licence
  • Don’t forget if you live here you’ll need to swap your licence for a Swiss one within the first year.
  • If you can’t drive yet, in 9 cantons in Switzerland you can even take the basic theory test in English. There are driving instructors who speak English, just have a look for them in your area.

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