Getting to know the Swiss over dinner: do's and don'ts

Getting to know the Swiss over dinner: do's and don'ts

You've found your way to Switzerland and started setting up a life here. Now it's time to try and get to know the locals, and what better way to do it than over some food? But where to begin? And how to go about it without committing any major faux-pas? There are some simple (unspoken) rules that will enable you to hit the spot. In this episode, we answer the most important questions and give you a glimpse into the Swiss way of thinking, so there will be no big surprises coming your way after the first course.

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Notes on this episode of 'Your British Guide to Switzerland'

  • First things first: How do you get invited to a Swiss person's home?
  • When should you arrive? What is considered too early, or too late?
  • What should you bring with you?
  • How do you say hello: hugs, kisses, a firm handshake?
  • What is the normal procedure after you get there?
  • What can you expect in terms of food?
  • How long should you stay?
  • Which topics of conversation should you avoid?
  • How can you follow up afterwards?

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