How to learn to ski as a complete beginner

How to learn to ski as a complete beginner

If you're moving to Switzerland you might think that skiing will become a big part of your life: as a beginner that can either be really exciting or completely terrifying! However you feel about taking to the slopes, it's definitely something to try, or how will you ever know if you like it? Once you've decided to go for it, there are lots of things to consider before you even set foot in the snow.

In this episode we guide you through all the important questions and share our experiences from the side of a complete beginner, and as a former ski instructor!

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Notes on this episode of Swiss and Chips: Your British Guide to Switzerland

  • Does every Swiss ski?
  • How important is skiing for Swiss people?
  • Is skiing really a must-do activity if you move to Switzerland?
  • If you want to learn, where do you start?
    - Location: go somewhere nearby, look up where‘s easy to get to and find out how much the ski pass will cost, ask colleagues/neighbours if they know of small, local slopes. Look for blue slopes on the resort map or look for special slow slopes
    - Equipment: see if you can borrow equipment and clothes if you don’t know whether you‘ll like it, or rent for the day. Later you can rent for the season
    - A lesson is definitely worth it for beginners if you don't know your ski pole from your ski, or if you think you'll need help getting going or even staying upright. The Swiss Ski School is everywhere, you can ring and talk to them first if you want to ask about the language, the location, what ski pass you will need or where you can rent your equipment

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