How to hike to the top of a Swiss mountain

How to hike to the top of a Swiss mountain

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Hiking in Switzerland is a favourite national pastime, especially in autumn, which means there are plenty of maps, online resources, and books to help you find the perfect hike! To get you into the mood, we'll tell you what you have to watch out for and give you all sorts of other tips, including a short excursion we made recently up a mountain and tell you what secrets are waiting for you at the top.

View to the top of the mountain with the sun rising behind the mountains
This is where you start

Notes on this episode of Swiss and Chips, Your British Guide to Switzerland: How to prepare for a mountain trail

Views of the Swiss mountains with a blue sky
The path seen from the top
View from the mountain summit. Mountains in the background and a village is visible. The sky is blue with one white cloud.
The view from the top of the mountain. The village you see is Adelboden.

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