From Bern to Colmar: Swiss and Chips over the border

From Bern to Colmar: Swiss and Chips over the border

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If you're looking for Christmas magic, put Colmar, France on your list of must-see places. A beautiful city at any time of year, it is decorated and lit up to perfection every Christmas.

The city's cobbled streets are flanked by Medieval or Renaissance-period buildings and small canals run alongside the main thoroughfares. There are six different markets to see, each with a different focus such as artisan crafts, food or even an area aimed at children. On top of all that, the city's park has an ice rink and even a merry-go-round that has been adapted into a highly festive rotating drinkery.

Although Switzerland has an abundance of lovely Christmas markets, a trip to Colmar is something special: we'll tell you why in this latest episode!  

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  • Colmar and its Christmas markets

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The word in this episode was "biräweich".

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