The flight factor: flying in and out of Switzerland

The flight factor: flying in and out of Switzerland

Although Switzerland isn't a big country, it still has a number of airports and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Looking for the perfect flight home can be like searching for the holy grail at first, but if you know some basics, it becomes pretty straightforward.

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Notes on this episode

How can you find your perfect flight home? It's all about a combination of the below factors:

  • Price
  • Flight time
  • Airlines
  • Airport location and connections

What marks the different Swiss airports apart? We discuss the pros and cons of flying from Basel, Bern, Geneva or Zurich.

And don't forget, these are the basics of finding a cheap flight:

  • Book early
  • Compare flights using sites such as Skyscanner and have a look on the airlines' own websites too
  • Only take hand luggage
  • If you can, don't fly out Friday evening and return Sunday evening

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