Going to school in Switzerland: for kids and adults

Going to school in Switzerland: for kids and adults

Children in Switzerland walk to school alone. A typical Swiss school day contains some surprises compared to other countries and can be quite a revelation for expats new to Switzerland. In this episode, you'll get two different perspectives: what surprises expats in Switzerland about the schools and what a typical Swiss school day looks like (from someone who's actually been to one)! Plus, we discuss German language exams, and take a trip to a traditional Swiss sports festival.

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Notes on this episode of Swiss and Chips: Your British Guide to Switzerland

  • The school run - Swiss style - and other surprising aspects of Swiss school routines
  • The expat and Swiss perspective
  • Reasons behind these differences
  • Extra: A visit to the Eidgenössisches Hornussenfest (Federal Hornussen Festival) 2018

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